1.A close link with the academic research of southern Taiwan

  The establishment of the Department is based on resource availability and future development of southern Taiwan. Given the forthcoming Kaohsiung Biotechnology Industrial Park, the southern industrial parks, and the Kaohsiung area environment, we offer a variety of courses in biotechnology-related fields to prepare for the establishment of Kaohsiung’s Second Technology Corridor.

2.Complete and flexible course modules

The design of the course modules is to integrate undergraduate and research programs, and then develop three major areas of study: molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology and bioenvironmental sciences. Our students receive systematic training in the courses they take.

3.Integration of curricula, space and resources

This department along with other institutes under the College of Life Sciences co-employ teachers to coordinate teaching and research. In addition, the facilities and campus spaces can be fully utilized, so as to equip every single student with complete academic knowledge and practical training of modern biotechnology.