Courses Offering


  Compulsory Courses   Elective Courses
     Advanced Biotechnology      Advanced Molecular Biology
     Seminar      Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
      and Endocrinology
     Research      Advanced Plant Cell Culture
     Master Degree Thesis      Cellular and Molecular Immunology
         Biotechnology and Crop Breeding
         Advanced Animal Cell Culture
      and Laboratory
         Reproduction Physiology
         Vaccine Biotechnology
         Advanced Cell Biology
         Genomics and Proteomics
         Genetically Modified Organism
         Development of Molecular Medicine
         Advanced Plant Growth and
         Advanced Microbiology
         Medicinal Plant Biotechnology
         Epigenomics and Human Diseases


Minimal requirements for master degree: 26 credits for 11 compulsory course credits and 15 elective course credits; submission of thesis (no credit point) before applying for graduation.