Curriculum Vitae

Name:Kai-Yi Chen

Ph.D., 2005, Cornell University, Plant Breeding & Genetics
M.S., 1993, National Taiwan University, Agronomy
B.S., 1991, National Taiwan University, Agronomy

Assistant Professor (National Taiwan University, Agronomy), 2006 ~
Post Doctoral (Cornell University), 2005 ~ 2006

Geethanjali, S., K. -Y. Chen, D. V. Pastrana, J. -F Wang, 2010, Development and characterization of tomato SSR markers from genomic sequences of anchored BAC clones on chromosome 6. Euphytica 173: 85-97.
Hong, Y.-F., C.-Y. Liu, K.-J Cheng, A.-L. Hour, M.-T. Chan, T.-H Tseng, K.-Y. Chen, J.-F. Shaw, and S.-M. Yu, 2008, The sweet potato sporamin promoter confers high-level phytase expression and improves organic phosphorus acquisition and tuber yield of transgenic potato. Plant Molecular Biology 67: 341-361.
Chen, K.-Y., B. Cong, R. Wing, J. Vrebalov, and S. D. Tanksley, 2007, Changes in regulation of a transcription factor lead to autogamy in cultivated tomatoes. Science 318: 643-645.
Chen, K.-Y. and S. D. Tanksley, 2004, High resolution mapping and functional analysis of se2.1: a major stigma exsertion QTL associated with the evolution from allogamy to autogamy in the genus Lycopersicon. Genetics 168: 1563-1573.
Durrett, R. T., K.-Y. Chen, and S. D. Tanksley, 2002, A simple formula useful for positional cloning. Genetics 160: 353-355.
Ku, H. M., S. Doganlar, K.-Y. Chen, and S. D. Tanksley, 1999, The genetic basis of pear-shaped tomato fruit. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 99: 844-850.


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