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°@Development Missions

°@°@The Institute°¶s curriculum puts emphasis on the theories and applications of molecular biology in order to nurture professionals for national biotech industries. Key areas of expertise include:

°@°@1. Cloning useful genes: to select genes of industrial potential from animals, plants and organisms.
°@°@2. Study the characteristics of useful genes
°@°@3. Research and establishment of genetic modification technology

To conduct this research successfully, our professors will tap a wide range of advanced knowledge and technologies in the area of biology. In addition, the Institute will recruit well-qualified teachers of relevant expertise to our faculty. Our teaching staff is supported by the Department of Life Sciences for the time being. In the future, we plan to employ teachers with research ability as well as considerable interest in both teaching and service. Priority for employment will be given to senior professors with excellent research background. Junior teachers will be assessed by their potential and ability of coordination and collaboration. The Institute will offer the maximum assistance to teachers' academic research.

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